The Core Chair is designed to maintain the pelvis in position that balances the spine in its ideal position. It's specially contoured base with the legs slightly apart and and the thighs sloping down as if in a saddle allow the pelvis to tilt forward. This allows the body to maintain the 3 natural spinal curves while sitting which is critical to minimise stress on your back.  

The vast majority of chairs where the knees are level or above the hips inevitably lead to slumping. The spinal curves are lost and the muscles must work hard just to maintain this position.

The core chair has an competitive edge on the opposition in 3 major areas:

  1. Comfort – use of memory foam, gel pads and highly research contouring make the chair extremely comfortable to sit on.
  2. Function – the specially designed base naturally and effortlessly support your pelvis in a position that sets up a balanced and relaxed spine. With this position and a small amount of weight on the feet the core muscles are activated. This is further enhanced when the revolutionary rotating backrest is in the forward position allowing an a ability to vary the seating position while working the abdominals and core muscles.
  3. Aesthetics – The core chair looks cool ! It has been designed to enhance the look of workplaces everywhere.