The Workhorse Pro                                              

This chair is specifically designed to support the body in its ideal sitting position. In this position the body is balanced with the head directly over the pelvis and the normal spinal curves in tact. A small amount of weight is maintained on the feet.

The unique rotating back offers an alternative sitting position. When sitting for long periods it is very important to change your position. By rotating the back around to the front different muscles become activated and different ones relax. This allows blood circulation, oxygenation of muscles and major muscle groups to rest while further involving the abdominal muscles.It is this activation of the abdominals while simultaneously relaxing the back and shoulder muscles that makes the chair so effective.


This stool without the back still provides the ideal seating position and the pelvis remains fully supported. However because there is no back it is ideal for people who don’t spend long periods daily at their desk and regularly get up and down from the chair. It can be easily slipped under the desk, making it ideal for standing desks and raised workstations also applicable to clinicians and hairdressers.

Workhorse Plus

This is the Workhorse with a removable backrest that can be easily removed or switched from the forward or backward positions. It is significantly less expensive than the Workhorse Pro.

Workhorse Go

This stool is on a removable  4 legged tripod. It is ideal for musicians but can be used anywhere great for workshops or when travelling away from home or even as the extra chair at the dinner table.

Workhorse stool

The seat is set on a stainless steel bar stool ideal for the kitchen or at the bar. It is upholstered in a variety of leathers and patterned cowhides. Sure to enhance any home or work area.

Seat Orthotic

The base has been specially adapted to fit on most standard chairs.


The desk lifts are specifically designed discs to put under the desk legs to raise it's height. In the majority of cases it is necessary to raise the desk height when using the Core chair.